Monday, August 2, 2010

All The Possibilities

Wowzee Wowzaa it's been a while! I guess everything gets super busy, so super busy that there's no time to sit around and write another blog about life. But, at the moment, life is between average and good. We just had our school ball which was great! Everyone's costumes looked fabulous and I had loadsa fun with all my mates partaying all night long. And then morning came, bringing with it bright lights, a complete lack of sleep and teachers who don't seem to get we really aren't in the mood to do work. Haven't yet caught up on sleep, but still a bit buzzy from the excitement of the ball.

Les Mis: is next week. As in the actual show. And I don't think we're quite ready... R and I spent yesterday standing in line ripping our clothes and then F and I got headaches during the stupid Jump-up-and-down-and-all-around warm up. But, the show will be great, fun and exciting and the stuff that comes with it even more fun...

School:.................... Yes, well. Slightly boring, too much homework, not enough time to sleep or have fun, and teachers who always seem to be watching while we're trying to pass notes. =D

Friends: Loving them at the moment, they're the light of my life. Without my friends I don't know what I'd do.

Possibilities: are endless. I've applied for an exchange to go to Canada next year, and I'm soo excited. I've got my interview coming up, so fingers crossed I get in! Canada sounds amazing, and in Quebec they have the. coolest. thing. EVER. 2 words: Chocolate Museum. Which includes but is not limited to: the history of chocolate and a shop that houses all things chocolate - chocolate itself, and baked goods - and an ice cream shop. With 79 flavours. So that's something to look forward to.

Now, I get the lovely oppurtunity to go BACK to school and go to parent teacher interviews.

Until next time
x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bartenders and Magic 8 Balls.

You know how in American movies, when people are in bars and are all depressed, the bartender provides good advice? Like in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! (not a fab movie but the only example that comes to mind), Pete is at the bar and is all depressed cos Rosalee is in love with Tad Hamilton, so the bartender Angelica gives him really good advice. So, where's my bartender? I think everyone should have some cool bartender-fairy godmother hybrid, someone who you can just whine to, and then they disperse excellent advice.

Whils my friends are very good "bartender" type people, how do you decide which course of action to take? Which advice do you follow? This is where the magic eight ball comes in. In my ideal world, everyone has a pocket sized bartender, like a genie, that you just pull out whenever you need advice (or a cocktail for that matter), and then you pull out your trusty Magic 8 Ball and decide which piece of excellent advice to take.

Then again we could all just use those awesome paper fortune teller/cootie catcher things to tell us exactly how things are going to turn out, and what is going to happen, so we know what to do in order to get there. Basically, I just wish decision making was easier.

And, I wish rain would seriously listen to the song and go away! I'm never trusting weather forecasts again. So Thursday I'm getting ready for school, I pack my umbrella and hat etc cos I'm sure it's going to be cold and rainy - how do I know this? because it has rained incesantly for days, weeks! -. However, my mum had looked at the forecast, and apparently it wasn't going to rain. So, Mum convinced me not to take my umbrella cos it just adds weight to my already heavy schoolbag (although it really wouldn't have it's only like 0.12345g). It's okay most of the day. But then, as I'm in maths it starts pissing down. Sideways rain, absolutely pouring. And, I have to go up to castle mountain from the main building. Yeah, I get soaked. So, all those who will never trust weather forecasts again, say I.

Off to enjoy my Saturday night, think about the advice I have been given, and maybe even pull a 'Rory Gilmore' and make a Pro-Con list to help the decision making process.

x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shiny Shiny Cup!

Four day weekend ended on Monday, school on Tuesday - made fun by Choir practice and approximately 10 hailstorms (I'm thinking world record) - and no classes today due to the Big Sing! Which was awesome. So awesome! Practice all morning, train to town (lolz), nom noms at lunch, again, very entertaining! Then we went first in the afternoon sesh - went very well! 2 and a half hour long dinner break. Sooooooo hilarious! Synchronised laughing with Fi and Abs and Clover giving us weird looks. Businessmen in McDs, french fries, sherbet fizzes...

Back for the evening concert which was awesome. Great talent - all the other schools were amazing! - and sparkly lights right above where we were sitting. Seeing my old WGC palz, and Fi being CRAZY! Of course, the absolute highlight of the day was WINNING THE PRIZE FOR BEST PERFORMANCE OF STUDENT COMPOSED PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge thanks to our awesome director Ms Hodge, Justin, Carol, Callum and the OC CHOIR 2010!!!!!!!!

Still on a happy-high, so sleepy time! Another big weekend coming this way: climbing, sleepover with Clover, Research on Hungary and job hunt! Throw in some eating, sleeping and maybe even breathing if I'm lucky and you've got my weekend.

x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Start the Countdown

4 day weekend coming our way! First, by way of starting the long weekend off with a bang, I'm going to *drum roll* do some chores. Because, as we all know - who says Facebook isn't educational - Mothers think that OUR friends care about the tidiness of our rooms. Which I'm sure they don't. But, as it is, one of my besties Ally is coming for a sleepover tomorrow night, therefore my mum says I have to tidy my room. Quel surprise.

After that, Ally is coming round for a good old girls night in. Painting our nails, watching chick flicks - The Ugly Truth & Breakfast At Tiffanys -, reading Girlfriend magazine, and some good old fashioned gossip! Then, Friday morning, we might go to town for some shopping - and by shopping I mean looking in shops and wishing we could buy everything we see, yet only buying one or two, or even no things - or a movie.

Might I just add, we all know what girls do at sleepovers - see above ^- but, what do guys do at sleepovers? Most of them don't have enough hair to braid, I'm sure most of them don't even own nail polish, let alone girly magazines - although guys do seem to love the advice sections in them... - and what do guys gossip about?
Sample Guy Talk:
Guy 1: Lets kill some zombies
Guy 2: So there
Guy 3: I'm gonna thrash you!
Guy 4: Nuh-uh! My something-something kick punch do-dad is gonna kill you!

Guy 1: Ooh, look at her!
Guy 2: I'd tap that.
Guy 3: Bo**s, a**, s**, Bo**s, a**, s**
Guy 4: "Hey baby, wanna come over to my space, and twitter my yahoo till I google all over your facebook."

See?! No gossip. So, what do guys do at sleepovers? The eternal question. If guys' behaviour in movies is anything to go by, they light their farts on fire, and think about boobs all the time.

Then I'm off to Hang Dog for climbing.
And with climbing, comes hot chocolate! We recently got a hot drinks/coffee machine, which means after the long - 2 minute - walk from the station, I get a hot chocolate. And here's hoping that I don't burn my tongue again. Don't laugh like that! I got one last night at climbing, and took a huge sip, burning my tongue in the process...

Later, Les Mis rehearsal, and a good Choir rehearsal. Next week is big sing, which I'm really excited about. And holidays in approx a month! Even more excited about holidays, holidays = Model UN! Whoop.

Getting tired now, and besides, gotta make up for the sleep that I won't get at my sleepover tomorrow night.

x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo

P.S - we all know that we hardly ever sleep at sleepovers, so, why is it that they are called SLEEP overs?! Honestly, creator-of-english language, get your facts right. Crash an all-girls slepover and see, that there is no sleeping done.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beep Beep Be Deep

What a "few days"! Music exchange to Wai Col - who, by the way, were very rude: throwing rocks and fruits, calling us S***s from Jville, and wolf whistling when we walked past (I thought that was funny and could be flattering but APPARENTLY it's demeaning! -, but we/I had a great time singing and listening to a bunch of amazingly talented people perform. Train ride home = super fun: Clover, F, A, Z, M and G - we all were insane, and insesintley 'beep beep be deep'ing - KP ringtone! It was tragic when we were out of service =(. Having a good old sing along - Lovely Ladies and Tay Swift! Last night I got to catch up with my cute wee cuzzies and my aunt! They were very welcoming and hospitable - thanks a million xoxo - unlike some people...

Now I'm exhausted and I can't even go to bed yet! =(. Yummy cake in the making for cousins C & S. But, teachers be warned, don't be surprised if I fall asleep in the middle of class. You have been warned, therefore you can't go spazzy on my ass if I do. =D

I'm also in a tres bien mood - great times with Clover (SIGHTING =D) and I have new shampoo & conditioner that smells AMAZING. Yes I am easily entertained. Just like the KP ringtone. And the Monopoly eftpos machine. And crayons. And bubble wrap.... I'm not weird. I just embrace the child inside of me. "The world's a playground. You know that when you're a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it." It's very true. So, go out, buy a foam sword or some bubbles and have fun! Life should be lived as though today is gone and tomorrow may never come!

Don't waste your life thinking about doing things, but never doing them. How would you feel, if you loved someone, yet you never told them? And then, you never saw them again? Would you really want to go through life thinking "what if?". Take a chance - you never know how perfectly things might turn out. Who knows, that same person you've been obssessing over and crushing on could feel the same way. What have you got to lose? Pride, dignity. Ah, who needs em. Would you rather be a prideless, dignity-less person who is crazy in love, or a lonely person with enough dignity for all of those who have none (see above)?"Hearts are broken by words left unspoken." Yes, I'm in a very "quotey" mood. If you want to do something, do it! Don't just sit by and wait! "If you love someone, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just passes you by." Tell that special someone. Valentine's Day isn't the only day you can be crazy in love and tell someone how you feel. So, just do it!

I'm off to ice a cake, in preparation for a celebration of love, between my cuzzie C and cuzzie-to-be.

Remember: "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smile because it happened

Another birthday has come and gone. Yes, that's right, I'm sixteen now! It was a great day, mostly because I got to see most of my friends at school and climbing, I just didn't get to see A2 =(. The day started off with a yummy breakfast (croissants) and a few pressies. Then, school, which was rather enjoyable. I got two "Happy Birthday" songs at school, and one from my climbing buddies. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes!

Onomatopoeia had another band practice, as we have our first gig next Thursday, opening for The Tangle! So excited, but nervous too... Band practice was fairly productive and we ate cake!
French as usual was entertaining, as was Classics. In Classics at the moment, we're reading Homer's The Odyssey, which means we read it aloud in class. Yesterday I volunteered to read the part of Nausicaa who actually does not shut up. One paragraph after another, every time I thought I was finished there was more to come!

I went into town after school to transfer my number onto my new cellphone. That part was easy - didn't take more than five minutes - however transferring my contacts took half an hour. It was pouring rain and so I ran over the road, caught a bus to the station and then got the train. And who was on the train but good old J! He got more soaked than me when we walked to climbing as he REFUSED to use my umbrella. A made me a cake!!! (thanks A love you!) and I managed to climb, eat cake and do some filming for my Short Film!

Very productive birthday? I think so!
I went home with the fam, had pizza for dinner and watched The Catherine Tate Show!!! Sooooo funny. If you've never seen it, check it out!

I had an AWESOME day, thanks to all my mates and family for making it a special one!

Gotta go to school now *sigh*

x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo

Monday, April 26, 2010


We all know it, I know I suffer from it. It usually comes around Sunday evening when you're starting to think about school, and isn't normally gone until Monday night. Normally I cure my Monday-itis by coming home on a Monday night and watching one of my fave shows, Desperate Housewives. However, we had people for dinner tonight, so I had to tape it. But today it was cured by Les Mis rehearsal (WHOOP WHOOP!) and yummy pre-almost-birthday dinner with the fandamily and a nice slice of that delicious caramel cake...

Les Mis rehearsal was great fun, I'm an "inn guest" and more to come as far as I know. French, as always, very entertaining. Photocopier. Good fun. "That's not appropriate" cards. Great fun. Classics was also great - we watched this random as version of Homer's Odyssey - funniest Cyclops ever.

I'm really excited for tomorrow. So excited I'm going to have trouble sleeping. This time tomorrow, when I write my blog, I'll be SIXTEEN!!! It's gonna be a great day - scrummy breakfast with the family, school - friends, so there is a positive thing about going to school on my birthdat -, rock climbing with A & C4, then some yummy dessert.

I'm soooo tired now, so I'm gonna watch a Catherine Tate episode to calm myself down - yeah right - and get some sleep.

Good luck with the Monday-itis. Bring on Tuesday!
x's and o's
Lula Laili Lo